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Discussion Questions about this video.  Answers below the additional links.

  1. Silo mean ” a pit for storing grain” and comes from which ancient language?
  2. What are key differences between a silo and a bin?
  3. The use of what device replaced use of manual labor?
  4. Buffalo, New York was on which canal?
  5. Typically you find grain elevators near rivers, railroads and highways.  What reasons can you give for this?

Predictions for 2016 Harvest

Difference between a silo and a bin:

The Difference Between Grain Bins and Silos

Elevator History

Illinois Grain Code

Find you local elevator


  1. Greek
  2. Silo–Tall, Skinny, Air Tight  Bin-allows air flow, typically round and silver with wavy corrugated metal
  3. Joseph Dart’s elevator replaced using labor of Irish Americans
  4. Buffalo, New York is on the Erie Canal
  5. Answers will vary, but should include aspects of ease of transportation.


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