Sugar Plums and Figgy Pudding

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Some questions (and answers!)

  1. Name the state that just saw it’s last sugar cane processing plant close.  (Hawaii)
  2. What piece of children’s literature made gingerbread houses popular?  (Hansel and Gretel)
  3. Why do some people get oranges in their stocking? (legend says Santa Claus used to bring gold)
  4. What flavoring is produced in abundance in Oregon?  (Peppermint)
  5. What favoring is actually the root (rhizome) of a plant?  (ginger)



 Hawaiian Sugar

 Christmas Cookies


Gingerbread Houses

Animal Crackers

Sugar Plums

Candy Canes



Oranges in Christmas Stockings

Nuts and Nutcrackers


Figgy Pudding




Christmas and Agriculture

Watch this video first!

Discussion Question:

What percentage of the US Christmas Trees are grown on a farm? (98%)

What states lead in production of Christmas Tree?  (Oregon, North Carolina, Washington, Michigan)

What is a Bracts?  (colorful leaves of the poinsettia)

Where are Poinsettias originally from?  (Mexico)

What is special about Female Holly plants? (has berries)

What is the State Tree of IL?  (White Oak)

What is the State Tree of Delaware? (American Holly)

Anglo Saxon Mistle (meaning dung) and Tan (toe) means twig.  Why are birds important to Mistletoe?

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