It is Raining Cotton Balls!

AITC_Everyday_Agriculture_318It is Raining Cotton Balls!

Join us today as we discuss the weather and the water cycle. Weather, especially spring weather when farmers are thinking about planting, is always important on the farm.

Begin our activity with a cotton ball, a paperclip (or clothes pin), an eyedropper and some water.

It is Raining Cotton Balls Activity
Raining Cotton
Conduct your own experiment at home. How many drops did it take to make the cotton ball rain?

Looking for more info on the water cycle. Enjoy this read aloud book.
Splish Splash

And how do you keep the rain away? Visit this site to design your own umbrella. All you need is a paper plate and a little creativity.

Water Cycle in a Bag
Want to watch your own water cycle? Complete this activity with a plastic zipper bag, some rocks, and some water.
Document the parts of the water cycle as you see it happen.

And for a brief musical interlude….enjoy this Water Cycle Song.

Looking for more information, Check out our Water Ag Mag. Don’t forget to read the career corner interviews to see how you can be involved with water issues.

Expand on the Raining Cotton Ball activity. Conduct the experiment several times. Each time track the number of drops it takes to saturate the cotton ball. After testing the activity several times, average the number of drops it took to saturate. Drop the ‘average’ number of drops into a separate bowl. Then add the cotton ball to that bowl. After absorbing all water, lift up the cotton ball. Did it start to rain? Why or why not?

Looking for more water related activities? Try this one at home.
National Agriculture in the Classroom Water Cycle Lesson

Check out our Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom reader and questions on Water.

Something Extra?

A 6-12 Music Parody about the Rain

Have a suggestion or a comment? We welcome your feedback in the forum below. Post photos of your completed work in the comments on our social media pages.

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