Wad of Watershed

Everyday Agriculture
March 19, 2020


It is raining, it is pouring…….now where does that water go? Join us as we continue our discussion on the water cycle and agriculture.

Students of all ages can gain an understanding of how water flows with this activity.

The lesson for this activity is below.
Wad-a-Watershed Lesson

For our younger students, we think you will enjoy this presentation of a book we often reference,
“All the Water in the World” by George Ella Lyon

For our older students– find your watershed.

Use the map from the Illinois State Water Survey. In which watershed are you located? Where does water flow from your area? Where do the waters from the Illinois, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers drain?

Don’t forget our Illinois Water Ag Mag!

Because it looks like rain most of the day today, it might be the perfect opportunity to take a competitive look at watersheds.

National Environmental Education Foundation Watershed Sleuth. Complete the following activities related to watershed in the Watershed Sleuth on-line quiz.

Water ‘sheds’ to rivers, and barges help transport our goods through a series of locks and dams. Watch this video from the United Soybean Board about our Locks and Dams. The Lock and Dam featured in the La Grange Lock and Dam that helps connect Chicago (and Lake Michigan) to the Illinois River and eventually the Mississippi River.

Looking to scale up your STEM at a higher level? Learn more about Locks and Dams.

Don’t forget to share photos of you completing these activities on social media!

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