Slice of Soil

A Slice of Soil
March 20, 2020


After a couple days of rain, let’s address the soil we use to grow our food.

Complete this lesson with an adult, an apple and a sharp knife. After discussing the activity, you have a ready made snack!

Slice of Soil

What is soil? Enjoy this video to explore soil

Looking for a paper plate activity? Use some crayons and a paper plate. Help your students determine ¾ of the plate, then split the ¼ into ½ and split the last 1/8 into 4 parts. Work on labeling and coloring the various segments.

Complete this soil experiment to find the main components of soil: Sand, Silt and Clay. While dry soil works best you want to use a sample (or two) from outside (topsoil). Potting soil is not suitable for this activity

Soil Slurry

‘Briefly’ we’ll describe this ‘underly’ fantastic activity. All puns aside, this is a great longer activity to discuss soil health. Our friends at the Saint Louis Science Center have a challenge for you in this lesson activity. We hope you’ll send us photos of this activity! Share the pre-activity with Saint Louis Science Center as well!

Check out the challenge at:

Something for everyone!
And of course with that soil, we grow food (and underwear!) but for this musical interlude today, remember ‘Dirt Made Your Lunch”

*Teachers feel free to selected highlighted portions of this blog to share with your students if they can’t access the wordpress site due to security settings!

**We welcome your comments and would like you to show off your activities (with parent permission) on our social media or in the comments below.

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