Tree Rings

Tree Rings
March 23, 2020


With the wind and the rain we lost some more branches from trees in our front yard. It made me wonder, what stories a tree could tell. Learn more about the stories trees tell with our tree ring activity.

Click here for Paper Plate Tree Rings Lesson!

K-3 Tree Rings Read Aloud
Watch and listen to this Read Aloud about Tree and Tree Rings

STEM And TREES How does a tree grow?
As you watch this video, look for new and unusual vocabulary words.

Measure a tree… tall is your local tree? Time to head outside, and see if you can estimate how tall several trees are in your area.

Go ahead and try this activity:

A song for everyone…….
We haven’t ‘put all the trees in a tree museum’… so take time to look at the trees as spring starts to show up here!

Trees give us…..toilet paper!
And of course trees give us paper….and toilet paper! Ever wonder how your toilet paper is made? Watch this video to find out.

Want to make your own paper? Try this activity……talk to your parents first before using the blender!
homemade paper

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