Ag in My Cabinet

Ag in My Cabinet
March 26, 2020


Spring in Illinois means some more rain so we are back inside today. But wouldn’t you know it? There is agriculture inside your house as well. Take this time to look at this bingo card and see if you can find the ag items on the list. The background tells you what plant or animal the product is derived from.

No need to print this out. Use your device to see how many of these ‘indoor’ agriculture products you have in your cabinet!

Indoor BINGO

Check out our Young Reader Fact Sheets on many Illinois agricultural products.

STEM Activity
Use corn oil, baking soda, vinegar, a little food coloring and a water bottle ready for recycling to make your own lava lamp. What do you typically use the corn oil for? Where does vinegar come from?
Watch this video and with the help of an adult, make your own.

Watch this TED Talk to learn more about how Illinois Pork is used for more that pork chops!

Check out the following readers to learn more about co-products of various Illinois agricultural products

Ag All Around You?
Check out this video, a favorite of ours from ‘The Peterson Brothers’

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