The Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet
March 27, 2020

As you sit down for each meal, remember eating connects people all around the world. You have probably heard about that other towns, states and countries are also taking time away from school. Do you wonder what they are having for lunch?
A favorite book of ours is “The Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” by Peter Menzel.

All ages
Take a moment and look at this article about the book from NPR. You can also visit the author’s website to see even more pictures from the book. Each family is standing by a one-week supply of food. What does a one-week supply of food look like in your house?

Think about your lunch. Do you eat school lunch? Do you take your lunch? Have your ever taken your lunch in a brown paper bag? Here is an activity on making a book with some brown paper bags, a little glue stick , a hole punch and some ribbon. Make the book then design your lunch and use the latest grocery story flyer to cut out what you would like for lunch and stick in the pockets of the book.

Lunchbox Bag

When you want something warmed up,you open the microwave, or the oven or a toaster or turn on the stove. What if you could warm up your lunch with the sun. Try this solar oven activity.

See if you can warm up your lunch, or melt some cheese on nacho chips, or chocolate on a graham cracker.

Using the materials below, compare and contrast the various nations in the slide show.
Hungry Planet

Check out our Nutrition Ag Mag.

All this food talk making you hungry? Every open the refrigerator and nothing that you want in there? Imagine making lunch for school, “Out of nothing at all”. Enjoy this musical parody about lunch!

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