March 30, 2020


What is for lunch? Pizza?

41% of Americans eat pizza once a week, so there it a chance you might have had pizza, leftover pizza or are about to make a pizza. Let’s learn more about Pizza, and how it relates to agriculture.
Cool pizza stats
Watch this preview video!
Pizza Preview Video

All ages
Take a look at the connections to the farm your pizza has. Enjoy this video from our friends at the North Dakota Farm Bureau
North Dakota Pizza Video
Illinois Farmers and Pizza? You bet…check out our Pizza Ag Mag here:
Illinois AITC Pizza Ag Mag
be sure to click the little ‘leaf’ that links you to embedded resources such as videos and other websites.

Read Aloud
Pete’s A Pizza
Pete’s a Pizza

Paper Plate Pizza
Use a paper plate to design your own pizza. You can cut out various toppings with construction paper or use your crayons and colored pencils to design your pizza. For extra fun, add some real spices like oregano or basil!
Paper Plate Pizza

The heart of the pizza has to be the crust. Do you like thick or thin? No matter what your preference yeast is an important part of the pizza crust. Complete this activity to see how yeast is ‘active’.
Yeast video


Enjoy this timeline on the history of pizza
Pizza Time Line
and this video on how frozen pizzas are made
How to make a frozen pizza

Something for Everyone
Of course there is a song (or two) about Pizza! Try these!
Stepping into the ‘Way Back Machine” enjoy Dean Martin singing about Love, (Amore!) and the Italian heritage of pizza.
Dean Martin -Amore!
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!

A little more recently? How about The Jonas Brothers singing about a Pizza Girl?
Pizza Girl-The Jonas Brothers

1. In the book “Pete’s a Pizza”, why was Pete sad? (it is raining, and he can’t play with his friends)
2. What toppings are added to Pete when he is a pizza? (tomatoes cheese and pepperoni is discussed.)
*What are your favorite toppings?
*Can you make a graph of the favorite toppings of your family?*
*When making your paper plate pizza, what toppings did you add? If you could create your own specialty pizza what would it be and why?


1. In 1889 Raffaele Espositio invented a pizza for the queen. Describe this pizza. (In the colors of the Italian Flag, Tomato-Red, Mozzerella-White, Basil-Green)
2. What happened in 1905? (the first pizza shop opened in the United States in Manhattan)
3. Specific to Illinois, what happened in 1943? (Uno’s opened in Chicago. Uno’s is famous for deep dish pizza)
4. Name the first pizza chain to open in 1938. (Pizza Hut)
*There is often debate on a “Hawaiian Pizza”. Have you ever had pizza and ham on a pizza? Can you write a response to if pineapple belongs on a pizza?

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