March 31, 2020


We’re #1! In Soybeans. Last year Illinois produced more soybeans than any other state in the nation Let’s learn a little about soybeans.

Start with our Illinois Soybean Ag Mag.

Read Aloud
From Pod to Plate by Julie Blunier
Pod to Plate by Julie Blunier

Try these planting activities:
Garden in a Glove
Add a ziplock bag behind your ‘Seed House’
Seed House

All those Illinois soybeans move around and out of Illinois. You might be familiar with trucks and trains but what about the rivers and barges. Watch this video on barges.
Illinois Barge Video

Now, let’s try to build your own barge.
Build a barge

Non-food products made from Soybeans? How about soy in your car! Watch this video and see what is happening at Ford Motor Company, and see how it really isn’t a new thing!
Sitting on Soybeans

Something for Everyone
You would be disappointed if we didn’t find a song on Soybeans….wouldn’t you?
Well here you go!

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