Pollinators 4/6


Start with our Young Reader

Enjoy Eric Carle reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

Use colored paper, a snack size bag and a pipe cleaner or clothes pin to make your own butterfly.


Watch this video about pollinator habitats.

Bees communicate to find food sources through a series of ‘waggles’. It is like a dance. Read on to see how bees communicate.https://www.scienceworld.ca/resource/bee-waggle-dance/

Check out more in our Pollinator Ag Mag. http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/AgMags/AITC440_W7%20Pollinator%20Ag%20Mag%20for%20Smartboard.pdf


After reading the 4-8 Pollinator Ag Mag, see if you can build your own flower with a left over water bottle and this template.

And how about a cartoon version of ‘the Waggle Dance’ from Phineas and Ferb!

Assessment and Extended Responses


  1. Name the steps the that are involved before we see our butterfly.  (It starts as an egg, them becomes a hungry caterpillar, before it forms a cocoon (actually a chrysalis), before it emerges as a butterfly. )
  2. How many wings to bees and butterflies have?  (they each have 4 wings)

*When you made your butterfly, why did you pick the colors you did for the wings?


  1. Explain what is communicated by the bees in the waggle dance?  (direction and distance to a food source)
  2. Name 3 other pollinators besides bees and butterflies.  (Beetles, Birds, Flies, Bats, Wind, Water and Humans are also pollinators)

*During this time away from school you have been communicating in new ways.  Can you develop a communication method with your family using the waggle dance?

Explain how you would do this.

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