Beef -4/8

Beef….it is what is for dinner, and lunch…..

Let’s take a field trip to learn more about Beef!


Beef Young Reader


Read Aloud

In this story you find Nicky loves Beef Stew.  What is your favorite way to enjoy beef?  Hamburgers, Steak? Beef Stew?

Illinois cattle are typically raised on private pastures, but in other western states they graze on larger rangelands.  Then they have to be ‘rounded up.  Consider using some balloons and a fly swatter to see if you can round the cattle up!


Watch this video

Illinois Beef Ag Mag


  All cattle have 4 basic stomach parts. Watch this video to see how cattle convert food to energy.

Can you construct a similar ruminant structure from recycled products?

Imagine if farmers had to Zoom? Check out Farmer Derek!

Of course he usually spends time serenading his cows!

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