Fiber 4/9

Where do your clothes come from?  For centuries, people have been using plant and animal fibers to create clothing and baskets using a process called weaving!  Check out our activities to learn more about where we get the fibers to make our clothes!

Visit an Illinois Sheep Farm


Enjoy this Read Aloud:  Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski

Try this activity to learn how to weave!  Have your parents/guardians help you set up the “loom” and your materials, and then practice your weaving skills.

Learn More about sheep with our Sheep Young Reader


Go to your closet and read the labels of some shirts and pants!  Where were they made?  What materials are listed on the label? Were those materials produced in the country where that article of clothing was made?

Then look at the image to understand how the fibers started on an animal, or even plant, and then became clothing

Read more about sheep


Spent much time watching crime shows? Ever wonder how would understanding fibers help us in the real world?  Crime scene specialists can analyze fibers found at crime scenes!

Enjoy this cool video on comparing hairs and fibers under the microscope.

Something for Everyone

Ever wonder about superhero suits?  Well they’re made from fibers, too!

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. What is the process for creating fabric and baskets from fibers? (weaving)
  2. What animal do we get wool from? (sheep)

*Sheep have wool that is covered in an oil called lanolin.  This is to help them stay dry when it rains.  What are some items you use to stay dry on a rainy day?

*What other items do you have at home that were made from fibers?  Go find a few things and compare their materials!


  1. Do fibers only come from animals like sheep, goats, llamas, and alpaca?  (No!  fibers can come from plants too!  Plants like cotton and bamboo can give us fiber for different products)

*Do you know what invention helped make cotton more important than other materials used to make clothing?  (the Cotton Gin)

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