Good Friday Potato 4-10

Potato, patata?  That’s not quite the common phrase we hear, but ‘patata’ is the Spanish word from which our 16th Century English word ‘potato’ comes from.  French fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips, hash browns…we love potatoes!  

Check out this virtual field trip and learn about growing and harvesting potatoes for us to eat in any way, shape, or form!

Learn more about how to plant potatoes and the longstanding tradition of planting potatoes on Good Friday. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still try planting potatoes in a bucket!


Read Aloud:  The Enormous Potato by Aubrey Davis

Even though potatoes are vegetables, they are made up of large amounts of starch (carbohydrates) that make them similar in nutrition to rice, pasta, and bread.   If you have a few older potatoes in your cabinets, try out this activity with an adult to observe the starch in a fun way!


Potatoes are made up of roughly 80% water!  So what happens when a potato starts to shrivel?  It’s losing water!  Read about osmosis and then see it for yourself in this fun activity!

Why plant potatoes on Good Friday?


Grow your own potato and create a Potato Flip Book

Potato Flip Book Directions:

  • Draw your set up and the changes of the potato every few days.
  • Put all the pictures together and staple.  Now you have a flip book!


Try growing potatoes in other liquids.  Will that affect the growth? 

Write a short story from the potatoes point of view. 

Explain the growth of the potato to your family members

Label the different parts of the potato

Something for Everyone

Ever wonder what other ways potatoes can be used?  Turns out they can ‘turnip the beet!’

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. Potatoes are made up of what that make them similar to rice, pasta, and bread? (starch or carbohydrates)
  2. Are potatoes a fruit or vegetable?  (vegetable)

*How does your potato stamp differ from painting with a paint brush?  (Should observe the texture pattern in the paint)

*Can you name other ways we prepare potatoes when cooking?


  1. Potatoes are made up of what percent of water? (around 80%)
  2. Describe the process of osmosis. (answers will vary)

*Do you know what one of the main causes of the Great Potato Famine in Ireland between 1845-1852 was?  (A potato disease called Blight, caused potatoes to rot.  This led to a shortage of potatoes, a main food source in Ireland, which in turn led to starvation.)

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