Chickens: Life cycle and Hatching

We’ve been incubating our eggs for the last 21 days and included some egg-citing embryology and chick information on our Eggs in the Classroom section of our blog.  They hatched (check out the hatching video!) and so this week we’re going to take a closer look at the health and structure of our chicks!

Our new AITC Poultry Ag Mag:

Our chicks were already fertilized eggs when we received them.  See how baby chicks are hatched.


Read Aloud:  The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone

What is the lifecycle of a chicken?  Try out this fun activity and learn the different stages of life of a chicken!

Poultry Young Reader


Think about a baby chick.  How do you think it develops inside the shell?  On a sheet of paper, draw two lines down to create 3 columns.  Label the first column, “K” the second “W” and the third “L”.  In the K column, write what you know about the development of a chick inside the egg (embryology).  In the W column, write what you want to know.  Then watch this video:

  1. After watching the video, in the L column write some facts you learned.
  2. Take time to reflect.  Write a couple of sentences about what the most exciting part of seeing the development was. 

On a different sheet of paper, draw the stages of development of a chick.  Cut them out, scramble them up, and see if you can put them back in order!  Now test your family members!


What does an egg look like without the shell?  Try this activity and see!

Egg-stension:  Once the shell is dissolved in the vinegar, see what happens if you drop it from a couple centimeters above the table/counter.  What happened?  Why did the egg bounce instead of break open?

Something for Everyone

Our day wouldn’t be complete without a fun song about the 21 days of incubation!

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. What are the lifecycle stages of a chicken?  (egg, hatching, chick, hen/rooster)
  2. Does the rooster or the hen lay eggs?  (hen, the rooster is male and does not lay eggs but is important for fertilizing them)

*The eggshell is a protective layer.  What are something things you use to protect you?

*Do all animals lay eggs?  What other animals lay eggs? 


  1.  How many days does it take a chick to develop and hatch from its egg?  (21)
  2. Around what day does the chick start to develop feathers? (around day 14)

*Why is the eggshell important for the chick during development? 

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