Healthy Chickens 4-14

Why did the chick cross the road?  We don’t know but hopefully they won’t escape their Brooders!  Once the chicks hatch, they require a lot of TLC! From their food to their brooder, chicks need the right habitat to stay healthy and safe.  Chick out some of these activities that will get you hen-thusiastic about what it takes to raise healthy chicks!

But first, take a look at this Illinois poultry farm from Petersburg, IL, and how they are not only raising healthy birds, but also creating new jobs!


Chicks get the nutrients they need in the egg as they are developing, but what do they eat once they hatch?  Watch this video to find out

Make your own chick feed.  Find some cereal and crunch it up small enough for a baby chick to eat.  Show someone at home and explain why it’s important to feed your chicks the correct size food and the correct type of food. 


Baby chickens require a lot of care so they don’t get sick.  Once they are hatched, they live in a brooder.  A brooder is an enclosure with a heat source, food, and water.

Read through this article and learn what the needs are for freshly hatched chicks.

Now, pretend you have just hatched your very first chick!  Using the information you just learned from the article, draw an Instagram profile showing how you keep your chick healthy. 

              Need to include 3-4 pictures:

  • 1st picture of your chick freshly hatched from it’s eggshell
  • 2nd picture of your chicks brooder
  • 3rd picture of the food your chick is eating
  • 4th picture (optional) of your chick

Each picture should include:

  • Short caption describing the picture
  • 3 hashtags relating to raising healthy chicks


Design a chick brooder

  1. Draw and label a blue print of your brooder from bird’s eye view.  Make sure you include what materials you would use for everything! 
  2. The container, lid, Heat source, food, water, nesting area and bedding, thermometer, light, accessories
  3. Build this using materials from your home (Legos, toys, paper, recycled items, etc.)
    1. Can’t find the right materials at home?  Try to build one on Mincraft!

Extension:  Design a coop!  Once your chicks get older, they’ll need a different set up with more room! 

Something for Everyone

A huge part of staying healthy is making sure your active!  These chickens are training for the next FIFA World Cup!  What are you doing to stay active?

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. What kind of food can chicks eat once they hatched? (chick starter from the store, or blended whole corn, smashed corn flakes cereal, or corn meal)
  2. What can they eat as they get older? (crimped oats and alfalfa hay)

*Why is it important to give the chicks smaller pieces of food at first? 

*Can you think of foods other baby animals might eat?


  1. Why do chicks need to be kept indoors and near a heat source for the first several weeks of their lives?  (They have not grown in their adult feathers and therefor cannot regulate their body temperatures)
  2. What items should be included in a brooder to make sure the chick is healthy and safe? (heat source, thermometer, bedding, water, food, light, tall walls so they can’t escape, and a breathable lid)

*Imagine raising chickens in your own back yard!  What are some of the benefits of raising your own chickens?

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