Egg-straordinary Eggshells 4-15

Eggs and their shells may not sound like a cool thing to talk about, but it actually is!  Crazily enough, eggshells have some pretty interesting stories to tell if only we give them a little egg-tention. out this student from Illinois Wesleyan studying egg shells!

You can also take a fun trip to Eden Organic Chicken Farm located in Chilicothe, Illinois!


Why is an egg, egg-shaped?  This sounds like a silly question but there are some evolutionary advantages for this shape!  Brainstorm some advantages and then write them on a sheet of paper!  Then watch this video:

Another advantage of this shape is that it is a dome when sitting upright.  What are the advantages of having a dome shaped structure? The dome shape allows the weight to be evenly distributed. 

Try testing different shapes to see which shape can hold the most weight!

Extension:  See how much weight eggshells can hold with this activity!


Did you know that eggshells are made up of similar materials as our teeth?  Yes, you read that correctly!  Eggshells are made up of a chemical called Calcium Carbonate and the enamel of our teeth is made up of a similar chemical called Calcium Phosphate.  Eggshells and enamel both function as a protective barrier for something softer on the inside. 

Because they are similar in chemical composition, they react in similar ways to other chemicals!  Want to know what drinks might be weakening the enamel on your teeth?  Try out this fun experiment on your eggs!

Extension:  Brush the eggshells with toothpaste and see what happens!


Eggshells may be strong, but can you drop your egg from higher levels and have it land safely on the ground? Design and build a parachute with materials at home that will get your egg from a high location to the floor without breaking!

Something for Everyone

It’s that time of year again where many people will be hard boiling eggs and painting the outsides!  But why settle for the typical plain colors and patterns?  Take your Easter egg painting to a whole other level!

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. Why don’t eggs break under the weight of the momma hen laying on them?  (The eggs are dome-shaped so the weight is evenly spread in all directions)
  2. What are two other reasons eggs are egg-shaped? (easier for hens to lay and the shape allows loose eggs to stay close to the nest and not roll away)

*Can you name other things that have a dome shape?  (igloos, buildings, ladybugs, Volkswagen Beetle cars, etc.)

*Why do you think sports stadiums have dome-shaped roofs instead of flat roofs? (The roof can cover a large area without there being center supports in the field)


  1.  What makes an eggshell similar to teeth?  (They are both made of similar Calcium chemicals)
  2. What is the function of an eggshell? (to protect what is on the inside)

*List as many other things as you can think of that have the same protective function as an eggshell or the enamel on your teeth. 

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