Earth Day -Today 4-21

When we aren’t feeling well, we go to the doctor.  Who does Mother Earth go to when she’s not well? Watch this cool video on finding our planet’s ‘pulse.’

How do we continue our lifestyles and make sure that we are protecting our planet for future generations? By practicing sustainability. Meet 6 Illinois farmers and find out how they are lessening their farm’s environmental footprint.


Read Aloud: The Lorax: How to Save the Earth

How are YOU going to help to save the Earth? Make a list of some ways you can take action. Choose one action from your list and design a poster. Now, take your poster outside, hold it up, take a picture, and have an adult family member post it on Social Media! Make sure to include these hashtags! #EarthDay #earthdayeveryday #EarthDay2020 #takeaction #ilaitc


Comida, aliments, hrana, chakula, makanan. No matter where you are from, one thing we all need, and often think about, is food! A part of being a living organism is making sure to intake the nutrients needed for survival.

In America alone, there are 23 million people without access to grocery stores. Can you imagine what that number would be if we looked at the whole world? Check out this video of what an urban community is doing to help those in need.

From Farm to Quad: here is a video of what students from the University of Illinois are doing to take action with sustainable and local farming.

So, how can take action, especially if you live in an urban environment? Here are some different activities you could do:

  • Brainstorm ways you could help your local community and farmers
  • Find an area in your community where a community garden could be planted. What would you grow? Who would be responsible for taking care of the garden? What would you use the crop for?


Many people around the world not only have limited or no access to grocery stores, but they also have limited or no access to energy sources or tools to help grow food. Try out this activity and build a wind turbine from recycled materials. Get creative with materials if you don’t have exactly what they used in the video!

Something for Everyone

Taking action can be done in many ways! Check out this method of getting the message out.

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. What happens to our trash once the garbage men pick it up? (The garbage trucks take it to the landfill)
  2. What are some things the Lorax suggests for us to reuse? (answers will vary)

*Can you explain why it is important for us to take action for our planet?


  1. How many people in America do not have access to grocery stores? (23 million)
  2. Why do we as humans need fresh, nutritious food? (Our bodies need nutrients as ‘fuel’ to function properly)

*Explain how a local community garden is beneficial for community members, the environment, and those helping take care of the garden.

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