Technology in Agriculture – 4/24

Would you believe if we told you that everything we have today is because of farming? Watch this video to see how farming paved the way to the future. 

Whether it is for necessity or just from the spark of an idea, inventions and new technologies have evolved and grown with the increase of the human population! When it comes to agriculture, you would be surprised how far technology has come to help our farmers. 

Check out Illinois’ own technology buff, Chad Colby, as he gives insight to many technologies in agriculture.

For some extra fun, here is a timeline of the advances of technology in agriculture!


Read Aloud:  Mechanimals by Chris Tougas

Farming has come a long way!  First, watch these two videos on dairy farming:

1850s reenactment:

Current day:

Now, choose one of the videos to watch then create a fun poster about it!


Take a look at some real-life scenarios.  How would you solve these problems using technology?

Watch this video on how this farmer uses apps on his phone to help manage his farm.

What other current day apps would be beneficial to different types of farmers? Try this App Quest Activity:


Think you have what it takes to develop machines to solve problems? Try it out with this online game!

Something for Everyone

Sometimes our technologies aren’t necessarily useful…but they sure can be fun! 

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. What were the benefits of each of the new mechanical animals?
    1. Rooster-bot so he wouldn’t sleep in too late
    1. Chick-bots to help with heavy lifting
    1. Cow-bot helped with fueling and making chocolate milk
    1. Sheep-bot helped buff metal
    1. Horse-bot helped haul in lunch
    1. Flying pig-bot to fly around the farm

*Can you explain why we don’t hand milk our cows anymore?

*What is one new technology you learned about and how is it beneficial for agriculture?


  1. How did farming pave the way for our modern-day technologies?

*Describe some apps that are beneficial to farmers. 

*Are there other careers in agriculture that benefit from technology?

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