Scrambled States: Georgia and Florida – 5/4

For the next couple weeks, we are going to get out of Illinois and tour the country to learn more about agriculture in the other 49 states! We love our own state of Illinois, but there is so much agriculture in all the other states and we don’t want you to miss out! Before we start, let’s watch this fun read aloud of the this great book!

We will focus on two states each day that are next to each other alphabetically.  We challenge you to  learn about both states each day!  As you learn about each state, fill in a blank map (either drawn or printed) with the commodity focused on for that specific state!  Your map should be filled with images at the very end of the unit! 

Let’s start our journey down South in Florida and Georgia. Both of these states have very different climates than Illinois, which means they can grow crops there that we can’t grow very well here. Today, let’s learn about two important and yummy fruit crops from these states that everyone loves–oranges and peaches!


Florida grows 65% of the citrus fruits grown each year in the U.S. Almost 95% of the oranges grown in Florida are used to make orange juice. Let’s learn more about yummy oranges! Here’s a short video about how oranges get from the grove to you:

In this fun read aloud, the orange feels left out because nothing rhymes with orange. Orange you glad we’re sharing it with you? Let’s listen to this book!

Learn more about Florida oranges with this resource from Florida Agriculture in the Classroom. You can even learn how to make your own orange juice! When you’re done making your own orange juice, draw a comic to show the steps you took to make it. Learn more about Florida Agriculture click here.


Agriculture is a very important industry in Georgia. In fact, one out of seven workers in Georgia works in agriculture, forestry, or a related job sector. Twelve percent of Georgia’s economy is thanks to agriculture. They are the top producers of peanuts, pecans, rye, eggs, and broiler chickens. Since Georgia is called the “Peach State,” today let’s learn more about delicious peaches! First, watch this video about how peaches are grown in Georgia!

Georgia is called the “Peach State”, but it actually ranks 3rd behind California and South Carolina. Learn more about the peach tree and peaches in this encyclopedia for kids.

Learn more about Georgia agriculture here.


For today’s STEM activities you can make your own Orange Volcanoes or you can use your orange peels to make bird feeders to feed the wildlife in your yard.

Something for Everyone: Check out this time lapse video to see how much a peach tree changes in just a few months! Peach Tree Timelapse  Feb 25th through Sept 4th 2017

Assessment and Extended Response:


  1. What are most of Florida’s oranges used for? (juice)
  2. What vitamin do oranges have a lot of? (Vitamin C)
  3. What is the only country that grows more oranges that the U.S.? (Brazil)
  4. What is your favorite way to eat an orange?


  1. What are some jobs that peach farmers must do in the off season to make sure they grow big, beautiful peaches? (prune trees, trim the tops so workers can more easily harvest, plant new trees)
  2. How many bushels of peaches does Georgia grow each year? (2.6 million bushels)
  3. What is your favorite way to each a peach? Fresh? Canned? Frozen? In a smoothie?

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