Scrambled States: New York and North Carolina – 5/8


We are heading to the Eastern side of the country today as we learn about the grapes of New York and the Cucumbers of North Carolina!


Get ready because learning about grapes will give you a raisin to smile!  New York produces around 150,000 tons of grapes every year! Grapes are grown on a farm called a vineyard. It’s called a vineyard because grapes grown on vines! A large percent of the grapes grown are used for wine, but the rest are used for raisins, concord grape juice, and regular bundles of grapes. 

First, check out this video of a New York Farm harvesting their grapes!

In this fun read aloud, you will meet Grape and his grandpa, Raisin!  Follow along to “Raisin and Grape” by Tom Amico and James Proimos.

So how will a grape turn into a raisin?  Try this activity below and find out!

Extension:  If you made your own peanut butter from the Alabama activity, you can use that and your new raisins to make the well-known snack ants on a log!

Learn more about New York here!


Relish this moment because you are going to learn a lot! With almost 7,000 acres of farmland dedicated to cucumbers, North Carolina produces around 149 million pounds of cucumbers each year.  They grow two different types: fresh market cucumbers and pickling cucumbers.  That’s right-pickles are just pickled cucumbers and it’s a jarring experience!

Check out this video about the value of cucumbers for North Carolina!

There are many materials and substances that can attract water from the environment surrounding them.  These substances are called “hygroscopic” and, believe it or not, you probably have some in your kitchen cabinets!  What better way to test this than by using a cucumber-which is 95% water!

Learn more about North Carolina here!


They say not to play with your food, but why not?! Design and build a structure using grapes and toothpicks.  How tall can you make your structure before it falls over?

Something for Everyone

Not everyone likes pickles when they first try them.  Find out how these babies reacted on their first try!

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. How many grapes does New York produce each year? (150,000 tons)
  2. What are raisins? (Dried grapes)

*Share something you learned from the read aloud book.


  1. How many cucumbers does North Carolina produce each year? (149 million pounds)
  2. What does hygroscopic mean? (The scientific term for a material or substance that can attract water from its surrounding environment)

*Which substance from the experiment attracted the most water from the cucumber?  How do you know?

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