Scrambled States: Arizona and Arkansas – 5/12

We’re looking at two more “A” states today!  Learn more about the rice in Arkansas and the 5 C’s of Arizona with the lessons and activities below!


Arkansas is the #1 producer of rice in the United States and produce more than 9 billion pounds each year!  There are nearly 2,500 rice farms in which 97% of those farms are family owned!

Our read aloud today is a book called “Everybody Cooks Rice”.

Measuring, estimating, comparing-who knew you could do so much with rice! Use some rice at home for some playful math!

Check out Rice Harvest from our friends at Arkansas Farm Bureau!

Learn more about Arkansas here!


If you ask any Arizonan about the 5 C’s, they would be able to list and explain them with no hesitation! The 5 C’s stand for cotton, copper, cattle, climate, and citrus.  These commodities are the building blocks of the social and economic foundations for the state!

First, meet an Arizona citrus farmer!

Now, read about the 5 C’s here!

What would Illinois’ 5 “C’s” be? Your activity is to research what commodities are important for our economy here in Illinois!  Create your own poster to promote our State’s 5 “C’s” (they don’t have to start with the letter “C”) or write a letter to the governor to persuade him on why we should adopt them!

Learn more about Arizona here!


Feeling crafty and hungry?  Rice paper may be the perfect solution!

Something for Everyone

Do you know why the Statue of Liberty is green?! 

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. How many rice farms are there in Arizona? (Around 2,500)
  2. How much rice does Arizona produce each year? (Around 9 billion pounds)

*How many grains of rice does it take to fill a 1 tablespoon measuring cup?


  1. What do the Cs stand for? (Climate, cotton, cattle, citrus, copper)
  2. Why do Arizonans recognize the 5 C’s as important commodities?  (They are the building blocks of the social and economic foundation of the state)

*What does the word “commodity” mean in your own words?  Use it in a complete sentence. 

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