Scrambled States: Alabama and Alaska – 5/20


Today we’re talking about two “A” states that both have very different climate and agriculture than Illinois!  Find out more about Alabama’s peanuts and Alaska’s daylight hours below!


One acre of peanuts will make enough peanut butter for approximately 30,000 PB&J’s! Let’s take a trip down to Alabama where 900 peanut farmers grow around half the peanuts in America!  Alabama has the perfect conditions for peanuts to grow. 

Here’s a short video on the amazing peanut:

In this fun read aloud, peanut butter is new to town and looking for a friend!  Will he find his perfect match?  Listen along to “Peanut Butter and Cupcake” by Terry Border and find out!

Now that you’ve learned about peanuts, try this fun activity and make your own peanut butter!

Learn more about Alabama here!


Did you know that Alaska holds many world records for the largest vegetables? First take a look at this video from the Alaska State Fair:

Even though Alaska has a shorter growing season than the rest of the states, the amount of sunlight per day during the summer makes up for it! Read through this information about the seasons in Alaska.

Now, play around with this interactive sun calculator and see how many hours of daylight other places around the world get!,-141.8047,2/2020.04.23/14:48

Learn more about Alaska here!


The daylight hours in Alaska are much different than what we’re used to here in Illinois! If watches and clocks didn’t exist, could we tell what time it was by using the sun?  Of course!  Learn more about the sun and then design and build your own sun dial with this fun activity!

Something for Everyone

Nothing goes together better than peanuts and baseball than the Peanuts playing baseball!

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. How many PB&J sandwiches can you make from one acre on a peanut farm? (around 30,000)
  2. How do peanuts grow? (the peanut, or fruit, grows under the ground and the plant and flower grow above the ground)

*We don’t typically eat the shell of a peanut, so what could we do with them?


  1. Why does Alaska have such long daylight hours?  (They are located in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere and as the Earth rotates, the sunlight shines longer the further North you go due to the Earth’s tilt)
  2. Explain why Alaska is able to grow such large, world-record veggies. (Even though the growing season is relatively short, the amount of daylight hours allows the veggies to keep growing with small amounts of ‘rest’ at night)

*Use the interactive map and compare the amount of daylight hours of Illinois vs. Australia.  Explain why the daylight hours are different. 

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