Scrambled States: Connecticut and Delaware – 5/27


Back to the beginning of the alphabet we go!  Learn about greenhouse growing in Connecticut and the apples of Delaware today with these fun activities!


Connecticut has around 300 greenhouse businesses and approximately 180 acres of covered growing space! These greenhouses are used to commercially grow shrubs, trees, and plants used for gardening and landscaping.   

Find out how farmer Will Allen, a previous basketball star, finds a solution for feeding a community!

Now watch our latest “Grow With Us” video to see how a small flower farm in Central Illinois uses an unheated greenhouse to grow more effectively and efficiently!

If you have a clear plastic cup and some seeds at home, you can make your own plastic cup greenhouse to see how a greenhouse can help seeds to grow into plants.

Learn more about Connecticut here!


There may not be as many apple orchards in Delaware as there are in some other states, but apples are still Delaware’s most important fruit crop!  With over 150 acres of apple orchards, Delaware produces over 10.4 million pounds of apples each year!  Some of these apples go to local grocery stores and farmers markets, but most of them are sent to processors to be turned into applesauce, cider, and much more!

Learn a little about apples from the Delaware Department of Agriculture!

Have you ever had apple slices for a snack and noticed they start to turn brown?  That’s a reaction from the apple when its cells are damaged! All living things have proteins that are called enzymes that are vital for life!  They regulate chemical reactions that serve a wide range of important functions. Apples have enzymes called polyphenol oxidase that react to the oxygen in the air, which causes the apple to turn brown. 

Can you keep apples from turning brown? Try this activity and find out!

Learn more about Delaware here!


Design and build your own model greenhouse with materials you have at home!

Something for Everyone

Have you ever bobbed for apples? Check out this fun bobbing challenge!

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. How many greenhouse businesses are in Connecticut? (Around 300)
  2. What types of plants are grown in these greenhouses? (Shrubs, trees, and plants used for gardening and landscaping)

*Explain farmer Will Allen’s solution from the read aloud.  How did he help his community?


  1. How many acres of apple orchards does Delaware have? (Around 150 acres)
  2. How many apples are produced in Delaware every year? (Over 10.4 million pounds)

*Explain why apples turn brown and why some substances can slow down that process.

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