Dairy, Day 1: From Farm to Fridge – 6/8

June is dairy month! This week, our Everyday Agriculture lessons are going to focus on all things Dairy. From discovering how the milk you drink gets from the farm to your fridge, to learning how cheese is made, these lessons will give you the inside look at all things dairy.  

Today we will focus on how milk gets from a dairy cow to you. The next time you grab a gallon of milk off a grocery store shelf, you will know all about the exciting journey that milk took to get there! 

Here are ten dairy vocabulary words that might show up this week: 

Bovine: A family of ruminant mammals, referring to cattle 

Calf: A newborn bovine or dairy animal. 

Cow: A female bovine or dairy animal that has a calf. 

Dairy Cows: Cows that are raised to make milk. 

Holstein: A type of dairy cow that is black and white in color. 

Homogenization: When milk is homogenized, the fat does not separate and rise to the top. 

Jersey: A type of dairy cow that is usually brown in color 

Lactose: A sugar that is found only in milk. 

Pasteurization: The process of heating raw milk to a high temperature and cooling it rapidly to kill any natural bacteria. 

Ruminants: Animals that have four stomachs. This allows the animal to swallow their food quickly and then bring it up again to chew it slowly and properly digest it. 


Watch as Mr. Professor take his mooo-rvelous time MOOchine back 48 hours to see how milk gets from the farm to you: Glass Is In Session   

Go deeper into the exciting journey of milk by listening to this story about a dairy cow named Clarabelle

Clarabelle is a Holstein dairy cow. Holstein is one of our vocabulary words! It means she is black and white and very popular in the United States. You can make a moo mask that looks just like our friend Clarabelle with this activity from Ag in the Classroom!  


Farmers take great care of their cows and the land to make sure they are happy, healthy, and safe! Watch this short video to learn more about a dairy farm and how milk gets from the farm to your fridge: The Journey of Milk  

Now that you know more about a dairy farm, it’s time to put yourself in the shoes of the people who work there by doing some Milk Making Math

If you want some extra help or need to check your answers, check out the Milk Making Math answer key


We use milk for a lot of things. We make cookies with it, have cheese because of it, and can’t have our cereal for breakfast without it. But did you know that you can also make plastic from milk right in your kitchen? Grab an adult to help you and go make your own milk plastic toys

Something for everyone 

Need something else to pass the time this week? Check out these fun activity pages! 

American Dairy Association: Dairy Fun Pages 

Assessment and Extended Response 


About how long does it take for milk to go from the farm to your table? (48 hrs) 

On average, how many gallons of milk can cows produce per day? (6) 

Who was the scientist that develop the heating process of pasteurization? (Louis Pasteur) 


What kind of barn allows cows to stand or lay wherever they want? (A free stall barn) 

About how many pounds of food do dairy cows eat every day? (100 pounds) 

What is a way that dairy farmers can reuse manure? (Fertilizer or Compost) 

Approximately what temperature is a cow’s milk when it comes out of the cow? (100 degrees) 

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