Dairy, Day 4: LegenDAIRY Butter – 6/11

People have always loved butter. In fact, the Romans used butter as hair conditioner and the English used to give butter away as wedding gifts!

So today we’ll be getting the spread on the unbelievable butter that we put on our bread!


To kick off the day, get up and practice your moves for when we make butter together later! Get ready to shake shake shake along to the butter song!

Butter side up or butter side down? Yooks or Zooks you’ll find in this book! Today’s read aloud, The Butter Battle Book, is a Dr. Suess tale of two towns battling for butter side up or butter side down. Let’s Read: “the butter battle book”

Milk allows us to enjoy so many delicious foods! Match the words of some of our favorite dairy products with their picture in this activity!


Making butter today seems so easy! However, early pioneers had a much more intricate process. Watch this video to see how butter was historically made and take note of the tools used for butter making.

Now that you have seen some of the historic tools used to make butter, read more about them here: National Ag in the Classroom: Background Information for Dairy Objects

It’s time for you to solve the MOO-stery! Use the information you have learned so far to identify these dairy tools!


Shake, shake, shake! It’s time to make your own butter. Watch this video to see how it’s done and then try it for yourself!

Something for everyone

The butter you put on your toast in the morning is probably a bit different than the butter we just made. To see how the butter pros make a stick of butter watch: How It’s Made Butter

Assessment and extended response


This one is up to you, your family can answer this too! Do you eat your toast butter side up or butter side down?

What is an ingredient for making butter that Mrs. Match lists in her song? (cream, jar, marvel, muscle)


What are two of the historic tools used for making butter? (Milk tester, Cream Separator, Butter Paddle, Butter Churn)

After milking the cow and placing the milk in a wooden bucket, what was done to the bucket of milk? (It was set out overnight and covered with a towel)

Why? (So that the cream would rise to the top)

Which member of the family usually got the job of churning the butter? (The youngest)

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