Dairy, Day 5: Say Cheese! – 6/12

How do you get a mouse to smile? Say cheese! It’s almost summertime and we’re on our last day of dairy lessons! For our last day, you will read a lot of cheesy jokes as you learn all about cheese! 

It takes about 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese. It takes a lot of milk to make a lot of cheese and there are a lot of different kinds of cheese that can be made! Start out today’s lesson by watching this video on the top 10 varieties of cheese: Top 10 Iconic Cheeses  


What kind of person doesn’t like pizza? A weir-dough! Pizza is a favorite food of so many people. It is most commonly topped with mozzarella cheese and can be made with a thick crust, a thin crust, or with a super thick deep-dish crust! 

Check out today’s read aloud, Extra Cheese, Please!to learn all about Annabelle and how her milk can become all of the cheese we love to put on our pizza! 

C is for cheese and color! Color this picture of cheese to remind you of everything you’ve learned today!  


Cheese is gouda for you and people have known that for a long time! Watch this video to learn about the brie(f) history of cheese .  

A delicious lunch to make with cheese is a grilled cheese. But how would you make grilled cheese if you had no stove, no running water, no electricity, and you had to make your own cheese, butter, and bread? Read a Life on the Farm and then compare making a grilled cheese today with making a grilled cheese 200 years ago! 


What kind of cheese to ghosts put on their toast? Scream Cheese! 

Watch this video to make make your own cream cheese at home!  

Something for everyone 

What is a basketball player’s favorite kind of cheese? Swish cheese! 

No matter what your favorite type of cheese is, you’ll enjoy this video that teaches you all about how cheese is made

Assessment and extended response 


How many cows could Annabelle feed with her milk every day? (20) 

Each year, Annabelle produces enough milk for how many pizzas? (1,800) 

How often does the milk man back up his tank truck to Annabelle’s barn? (Every two days) 


As early as 8000 years BCE, who started a legacy of cheesemaking? (Neolithic Farmers) 

What clumps became the building blocks of cheese? (curds) 

What sugar is found in milk and is sometimes hard for people to process? (Lactose) 

Who produced brines of salty brined feta cheese? (Greeks) 

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