Grow With Us: Baling Hay

It has been beautiful, sunny weather across much of the state the past couple weeks. That means it’s perfect time to bale some hay! Chris, our Education Manger, has baled hay with his family since he was in middle school. And now, his own son gets to sit in the tractor with his grandpa to help make sure everything is working correctly. See how their extended family bales hay on their small farm. All this hay is going to help feed cattle on their farm and a few other small farms in their community.

Like so many things in farming, the process of putting up hay to feed livestock throughout the year has changed dramatically over time as new processes and technologies become available. Here is an undated photo of some previous generations of Chris’s family putting up hay in the summer.

Notice the haystacks in the background–they didn’t have a baler to create bales, so they had to stack the hay by hand with a pitchfork. Baling hay is still hard work, but imagine how hard it was back then!

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