Scrambled States of Agriculture-National AITC Presentation June 24, 2020

The recording from National AITC will be available here:

Kevin’s PowerPoint used during the presentation.

Original Scrambled States Booklet

More Scrambled States Booklet

Both lesson booklets have books listed.

Want to visit the online lesson and activities?

Illinois Ag Mags that are available for use on smartboards at

Seems some of the links might be broken on our actual website! (SORRY!) Y0u can find many IL AITC Interest Approaches (Make and Takes) at

Egg Creative Writing (Chicken hatching activity with a paper plate/platter) can be found on page 8 of this resource

Check out for materials related to ag literacy lessons! They have some books, but they do have Wheat, Cotton and various seeds and materials to support a number of lessons!

My office was clean….but what it look like after a 100 book 1 hour zoom presentation….I typically don’t throw books on the floor!

Thank you for coming to this session!

Questions? Contact Kevin at

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