Resources for Google Meet for Coordinators

We have had some of you reach out regarding Google Meet as a substitute for Zoom for virtual meetings. There are likely some schools that use G Suite for Education which may prefer you use Meet over Zoom to interact with classes. As with most Google programs, Meet is very simple and user-friendly. If you are interested in learning more about Meet, I have included some links to more information and some tutorial videos.

If you are using a personal Gmail account (not a G Suite account) then you can only invite other people who are also logged into their Gmail accounts. Teachers who are using G Suite can invite anyone, regardless of their email, to a Meet session. Because of some of the complications of integrating Gmail with G Suite, I believe that it will be easier to have your teachers create the Meet session and invite you to it, instead of you creating it and inviting them (and their students) to join. This will depend on the school and whether or not they are using G Suite, but that is our advice for now.

Here is a good tutorial video about how to use Meet:

Here is a tutorial on some Chrome extensions that you can use with Meet for more features:

And here are a number of resources from Google to help you get started with Meet.

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