PD in Your PJ’s: Apples

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first Fall 2020 PD in Your PJ’s! Below is the recorded session, along with some additional resources. Special thanks to Illinois Farm Bureau and your County Farm Bureaus for their support of our fall professional development.

Here is the recorded Zoom session from our Apple PD in Your PJ’s:

the Chat Feature with additional comments and links is located here:

Here is the Apple Blossom Tree lesson video we share during the session. This is a great one to use with your students to show them how to construct their own apple tree.

And here is the Slice of Soil lesson video to share with your students as well. This is a great way to visually show students how little land there actually is on the Earth’s surface to produce the food that we all need to survive.

We encourage teachers to contact your county coordinator to learn more about what they can provide to you and your students this school year.

Interactive Apple Ag Mag will be located at: http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/AgMags.shtml

Apple Reader is at http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/terra_nova_apple.shtml

Apple Young Reader is at: http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/Young_Reader_Fact_Sheets.html

The Apple Copter lesson mentioned in the presentation can be accessed here:

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