October 7, 2020 Coordinator Chat

Recording will go here:

Chat is here:

REMEMBER TO USE THE SEARCH ENGINE in the top right hand corner of the http://www.agintheclassroom.org page to pull up activities the you might need help with and you only have the topic or an ingredient!

Royalty Free Music –My choice—Just like Copyright and books…be sure you follow the rules!!–Note you need to credit “BENSOUND” in the headline


Reading Books On Line https://www.feedingmindspress.com/latest-news/virtual-readings-of-feeding-minds-press-books

Order Cranberry/Christmas Tree Books at: https://form.jotform.com/WebServ/iaitc-fall-2020-book-order if you want to hear Lisl Detlefsen read her book and tours her cranberry bog at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0BtE5o6fxE&feature=youtu.be we will be promoting this in November!

White Reinhart COUNTY GRANTS Due 10-15 for Spring 2021 https://www.agfoundation.org/projects/wr-grants-home

IAITC Plans for Winter and Spring? November-Pork and Thanksgiving; December -Christmas Trees and Snow; January-Dairy and Fiber; February-Soybeans and Sweets; March Soil and Specialty Crops, April Water and Earth Day, May-Beef and Flowers. We will release November (and December) lesson on 10-15 ish! (In time for 10-17 PD in your PJ)

An easy link for QR Codes https://www.qrstuff.com/

Looking for some help! Did anybody convert TOM TURKEY to an on-line escape box? How about Help with a Coffee/We even went down to Cocoa farm to table lesson….or a geography lesson. (Diane from Cook looking for INteractive Turkey stuff….Melissa from Franklin looking for Coffee Stuff! Share on the Facebook site IL Ag Literacy Coordinators)

How about anyone that has ever done a book walk (for Carrie from Sangamon/Menard)…..(Maria from Williamson..any advice?) How about helping Debbie from Livingston out with some Postcard idea.

Thank to Maria, Williamson County for her Book Walk Picture!

Jennifer from Peoria shared that canned pumpkin has a code to determine where it was processed! We are all eagerly awaiting her to share that (we’ll post here later!) Attached is the info from Jennifer. After and extensive search, this ONLY works for ALDI Brand Pumpkin, other canned goods have their own codes (not as standardized as milk..but cool none the less!!)

Also…use the Facebook site to share your personal victories (and setback?) from doing things virtually—Sarah from Champaign was looking for other ideas…but we certainly want to borrow her ‘popup pumpkin patch’….(follow her on Facebook to see more!)

SAVE THE DATES…this chat went so well…we have scheduled 2 more …..

November 4, 2020 12 noon…..(looking forward to talking something besides ELECTIONS that day!)

December 9, 2020 12 noon!

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