11/5 Virtual Field Trip to Bruce Brinkman Farms

Watch the recorded Zoom Webinar here:

Watch the 3 minute farm tour video

Check out this article on Bruce Brinkman and his family https://www.farmweeknow.com/profitability/brinkman-finds-success-with-everything-from-hogs-to-horseradish/article_e6d10eb2-fea0-11ea-bd01-677db44aafcb.html

Illinois AITC Pork Ag Mag http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/AgMags/AITC283J7%20Pork%20smartboard.pdf

Illinois AITC Pork Reader http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/terra_nova_pork.shtml

Illinois AITC Pork Young Reader http://www.agintheclassroom.org/TeacherResources/Young_Reader_Fact_Sheets.html

More questions about ILLINOIS PORK? Visit the Illinois Pork Producers Association at https://ilpork.com/

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