Countdown to IL Family Reading Night with IL Ag in the Classroom

We are so excited for IL Family Reading Night on Thursday, November 19. Since many schools are not able to host events this year, Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom wants to help bring the festivities to your homes! We’ve created a list of ideas to help you plan your parties at home. Follow our posts on Facebook and Instagram to learn how to win a prize pack of books and IL grown popcorn!

Here is a list of activity ideas for you to do with your family on Family Reading Night:

Did you know that popcorn is the Illinois State Snack? It goes great with movies, so why not with books too? Have students design their own bookmark with our printable template. They can learn more about popcorn with our Popcorn Facts on the back!

Even better, you can make some microwave caramel popcorn with this easy recipe to eat as you read the night away!

Encourage students to talk to adults in their lives about books and reading. Use these lists of questions as conversation starters:

We need to help students analyze and reflect on what they’re reading. They can do this at home as well! Here is a list of questions to help them take a closer look at the books they are reading at home with their families.

One of our Family Reading Night activity ideas is to “read the recipe and make the snack.” We’ve been releasing family-friendly recipes all year. Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

If you’re looking for great books to read, check out our book review videos here. In our latest video, we recommend the 2020 Illinois Reads book Oak Leaf by Illinois author John Sandford.

Visit the official Illinois Family Reading Night website to learn more and to print this year’s official bookmark.

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