IAITC Powerpoint from 11.11.2020 Meeting

BIPOC and other Booklist as of 11.2020

Garden in Glove

Garden in a Glove Lab Sheet

What Land Works Best? From National AITC

Tops and Bottoms

Urban Ag Mag

Wheat Grinding Activity (See page 3 of this booklet) http://www.agi

Wheat Ag Mag

The Thing About Luck Lesson Booklet

Tortilla in a Bag (See page 8 of this booklet)

Soybean Ag Mag

Seasons Ag Mag

Dairy Ag Mag

Ski Town makes car park into a greenhouse video

National AITC Desktop Greenhouse Lesson

What is Gold from Pocahontas

Three Sisters Video

Apple Ag Mag… …..

Sheep Reader

Wool Spinning Kit from

Filling the Global Grocery Bag from National AITC

Agritourism: Extreme Farm Make Over

Pollinator Ag Mag

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