Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame

Mannie L Jackson

Mannie Jackson and Harlem Globetrotters

State Farm Center/Assembly Hall

James Naismith

Calhoun County Peaches

Maple Floors,fatigue%20in%20the%20athletes’%20joints.&text=Bowling%20alley%20floors%20and%20even%20the%20pins%20are%20constructed%20from%20maple%20wood.

Coach Lou Henson

Coach Henson Record

The Whiz Kids:

Horween Leather Basketballs

Illinois Basketball Players with Agriculture Connections

#3 Jacob Grandison Major: Earth, Society & Environmental Responsibility

#34 Jermaine Hamlin Major: Human Development and Family Studies (College of Agriculture (ACES))

#2 Connor Serven Major: Agriculture and Consumer Economics

University of Illinois as a Land Grant School (1862-Thanks President Lincoln),as%20a%20land%2Dgrant%20institution.

#11 Ayo Dosunmu Favorite Food? Macaroni and Cheese!

Champaign Illinois, home to University of Illinois as well as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Processing plant, making over 1/2 of all Mac and Cheese across the nation!

Here is a “Basketball Charm” activity to do with your students to help showcase the connections between basketball and agriculture:

Marcus Liberty

Illini Players Show with Marcus Liberty and Patrick Quinn

Marcus Liberty Bobblehead

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