“Bee School” Classroom Videos

Follow along with Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom as we take you through a year in the life of an amateur beekeeper! These short videos are meant to be shared with your students and can easily pair with our favorite pollinator books and lessons.

Episode 1: New Hives

Learn about how “package bees” are installed to their new hives.

Episode 2: Beekeeping Equipment

Learn about important tools and equipment for beekeepers. We’ll also look in the hives to see if the queens are laying eggs yet!

Episode 3: The Parts of a Hive

Learn about the basic parts of a honeybee hive.

Episode 4: Types of Bees

Learn about the three types of bees in a hive and what they do to support the colony’s survival.

Episode 5: The Quickly Expanding Hive

See how quickly our hive is growing in these summer months.

Episode 6: Feeding Sugar Syrup to Bees

Learn about the how and why of feeding sugar syrup to your beginning bee hives.

Episode 7: Varroa Mite Check

Learn about the varroa mite, a dangerous pest for bees in the hive, and how a beekeeper can check to see how many varroa mites are in the hive.

Episode 8: The Hive in Fall

Learn about all the considerations a beekeeper needs to start making in fall as the hive prepares for a long, cold winter.

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