May 18, 2021 Coordinator Meeting Supplemental Information

Recorded session Passcode: 1br4@zao

Chat Transcript


Growing Our Future

The IAA Foundation is excited to invite all CFB Foundations with active 501c3 status to participate in a statewide online fundraising campaign, Growing Our Future. For more information, check out the links below:

Video Invitation

Save the Date ā€“ August 2-20 

Peer to Peer Overview 

Growing Our Future Q&A 

Be sure to join us June 22 for an in-depth look at the platform to decide if this campaign is a good fit for your program!

Commodity Updates

Midwest Dairy June is Dairy Month Social

Midwest Dairy Fuel Up to Play 60 info

IL PORK Virtual Field Trip Flyer


IAITC Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form DUE September 17!

2021 Teacher of the Year….Due September 17


Teacher Book Grants

Teacher Project Grants

Existing Books for Sale Order Form

BOOK ORDER FORM FOC COUNTIES (these are the books featured in the Teacher Book Grant Program)

IAITC Summer Book Club Flyer for Teachers:


MAGIC KIT Brochure

May Magic Lessons

Here is the full lesson plan and video lesson for Rumination Navigation:

And here is the full lesson plan for Pumpkin Catapult, including the PVC Catapult Instructions:

SAI Lessons from IAITC:

Anything in the lesson booklet is a possibility for our SAI presentations, but we will definitely be covering the following at each presentation:

-Pumpkin Catapult

-Wheat Milling

-Water Cycle Bracelet

-Horse Paper Bag

-Colors on Your Plate

-Biodegradable Packing Peanut

-Say it With Soil

-Plant Maze

-Seed House

-Bacon Blackout Poetry

-Milk Plastic

-Book Grants

-Project Grants

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