Summer 2021 Teacher Trainings with IAITC

Join Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom on Tuesday mornings this summer to learn more about how to incorporate agriculture-themed lessons and activities into your classroom next school year. The one-hour weekly sessions will cover the following themes: Natural Resources, Livestock, Row Crops, and Specialty Crops. Each theme will be discussed in two week blocks. Sign up for as many sessions as you’d like, and we’ll mail you a session-in-a-box for each theme so you can participate along with us.

Sign up for the Natural Resources Block on June 8 and June 15

Sign up for the Livestock Block on June 22 and June 29

Sign up for the Row Crops Block on July 6 and July 13

Sign up for the Specialty Crops Block on July 20 and July 27

*Please note: IAITC is not an approved provider. After each session, we will provide a Certificate of Completion via email that teachers can use with their local unit/provider to obtain PDCH. It may be worthwhile to have a conversation with the staff member who handles PDCH at your school to ensure you are both familiar with how the process will work.

If you have any further questions, please email Chris Wyant, IAITC Education Manager, at

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