September 21, 2021 Coordinator Meeting

Video Recording will go here……USE PASS CODE vcXW96=3

When you get to the breakout rooms session of the Magic Kits, you will find Poultry then Supply Chain then Environment. Cottage Cheese video link is at the end of this post, and you will find Machines info there as well.


UIUC Lesson Packet

List of State Level People for Thank you Notes for the Ag Ed Line Item

What to Write in a Thank You Note: Share where you are from and if this is one for IAA Foundation Funding (these would be commodity groups and industry representatives) thank them for supporting the IAA Foundation and the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom. Share a little about your county and what you do with the resources and a highlight of your county programs.

If you are writing to ISBE or IL Government Officials share where you are from, a little about your program and thank them for supporting the Agricultural Education Line Item. Tell a little about your program and how you help make a positive impact for agriculture in your county.

Ag Career information and brochures –

Illinois Corn Growers

Illinois Soybean Association Jill Parrent, – children’s resources

Illinois Beef and Mareah Volk

Midwest Dairy

Illinois Farm Families

IFF Innovation Grows Here Anthem Video

IFF Anthem Video

Joe Bauer Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Entice Workshops

Trunk Locations (Scroll down to find one near you!

Nutrients For Life Info

Magic Kit Overview Powerpoint

Poultry Magic Power Point

Milk Math

Dairy/Cottage Cheese Presentation including link to cottage cheese making

Rhodora’s video recording of the Machines mAGic Lessons:

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