May 24 Coordinator Meeting


We will be meeting at the Interstate Center, off of Route 9 and I-74/55 on the WEST Side of Bloomington.

Interstate Center Address

1106 Interstate Drive

Bloomington Illinois 61705

There are a number of hotels in the area, and it is conveniently located next to a Wal-Mart!


We will have the IAITC 2022-2023 Calendars delivered for you to the Interstate Center. We will also HOPE to have a number of NEW PORK AG Mags and New Posters delivered for you. Any other items you wish to pick up, you’ll need to make arrangements to pick them up at the IAA Loading Dock.

Materials from IAITC

Learn more about the White-Reinhardt Grants here.

Here are the STEM/Inquiry Cards we are using at SAI this summer:

If you would like to order additional packs of these cards, please do so through this form. Price is $2.75 each. If you have questions, please contact your typical contact in the Marketing Department. Orders for this first batch are due by June 24!

Here are the Uno: Ag Edition Cards to be printed:

And here is a sample of our “Commode Chronicles”:


Midwest Dairy

St. Louis Dairy Council

Games from IAITC

The Nitrogen Cycle Game can be found on the UCAR website here.

Poster Activities


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