Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame Mannie L Jackson Mannie Jackson and Harlem Globetrotters State Farm Center/Assembly Hall James Naismith Calhoun County Peaches Maple Floors,fatigue%20in%20the%20athletes'%20joints.&text=Bowling%20alley%20floors%20and%20even%20the%20pins%20are%20constructed%20from%20maple%20wood. Coach Lou Henson Coach Henson Record The Whiz Kids: Horween Leather Basketballs Illinois Basketball Players with Agriculture Connections #3 Jacob Grandison Major: Earth, … Continue reading Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame

March 3, SAI Meeting

POWER POINT summer-ag-institutes-2021-planning-meetingDownload WORD DOCUMENT iaitc-summer-2021-abcd_Download You can view session at: Passcode: AQXB846+ Saved Chat info from Zoom Meeting meeting_saved_chat-sai-meeting-3-3-2021Download Proposed ROUGH AITC Presentation schedule.....based off what you submitted. Remember, I need to have staff that are cleared for travel to make this happen.......if I had to pinpoint something right now it would be … Continue reading March 3, SAI Meeting

February 24 Coordinator Chat/Ruminant Activity

Click here to watch the recorded info. Passcode: q4M=.mL2 A couple of key dates/times:Watch for March 1 National Pig Day promotion from IAA Foundation March 3 is the SAI Meeting. Info below: Illinois Farm Bureau is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: SAI MeetingTime: Mar 3, 2021 01:00 PM Central Time (US … Continue reading February 24 Coordinator Chat/Ruminant Activity

February 8, 9, 11 Coordinator Meeting

See the Attached information that was included in your box. Agenda feb-coordinator-agendaDownload lessons-and-activities-schedule-7Download St. Louis District Dairy Council slddcDownload Midwest Dairy midwest-dairy-f2s-flyer-revDownload IL Pork 2021-pork-education-materials-order-formDownload Illinois Soybean Pod to Plate Link lifecycleofsoybeanDownload AFBF White Reinhart Grant white-reinhardt_application_process_2018Download Nourish the Future NCGA 1-selective-breeding-deckDownload 1-selective-breeding-studentDownload 1-selective-breeding-teacherDownload IRead Summer 2021 booklet-for-coordinatorsDownload Complete IREAD-bookletDownload odetoavegetable_coordinator_editionDownload Journey 2050 0-j2050-getting-started-_2021-final_Download mAGic … Continue reading February 8, 9, 11 Coordinator Meeting

1/20/21 Pro Football Hall of Fame Virtual Field Trip Pro Football Hall of Fame Website: Illinois AITC Football Charm Presidential Trivia and Football Footballs and Leather: Horween Leather and Wilson Football Pig Skins and Football,tips%20of%20today's%20game%20balls. IAITC Beef Ag Mag IAITC Pork Ag Mag Football Fields Acre Bush Turf, Illinois Company installing and growing turf! reading 1/20/21 Pro Football Hall of Fame Virtual Field Trip

December 2020 Coordinator Chat

december-9-chat-meeting_saved_chatDownload playback video here: Sorry...I only got last 1/2! Lincoln Book order form: Summer Ag Institute Sign Up: Lessons for January at By popular vote........Mask Winners: In No Particular Order: Leslie (Ham-Jeff); Lindsey (Jasper); Jennifer (Crawford) Look for your prize coming in the mail to your OFFICE Address! 1 book each....the … Continue reading December 2020 Coordinator Chat

Popcorn Harvest with Natalie Pratt November 19, 2020

Recorded Field Trip with Natalie Pratt will go here: Want your own Bubba-Bug Popcorn, click here: For more popcorn info check out Some of our favorite popcorn books? check out this great popcorn lesson: slow motion popcorn popping


IAITC Powerpoint from 11.11.2020 Meeting accurate-ag-powerful-stories-diverse-voices-2Download BIPOC and other Booklist as of 11.2020 il-aitc-bipoc-book-list-11.20Download Garden in Glove¬† Garden in a Glove Lab Sheet What Land Works Best? From National AITC Tops and Bottoms Urban Ag Mag Wheat Grinding Activity (See page 3 of this booklet) http://www.agi Wheat Ag Mag The Thing About Luck Lesson Booklet reading BIPOC and AITC STATE CONTACT MEETING 11.11.20