SAI Update–Updated May 26

MOST RECENT INFORMATION IS AT THE TOP! Updated Commodity Presenter Listing! commodity-listing-5.26.22Download PRE AND POST SURVEY NOW Available!Pre Survey for ALL participants is at can also use this tiny URL to share with teachers: POST SURVEY for ALL Participants is at can also use this tiny URL to share with teachers: reading SAI Update–Updated May 26

Intro To AITC April 1, 2022

Video Link for this session is at Topic: Intro to AITCStart Time: Apr 1, 2022 09:49 AM Meeting Recording: Access Passcode: ??5B.sn6 Contact us IAA Foundation FCAE History of AITC Ag Mags Readers Interest Approaches Ag Ventures Find a book Seed Tape Important dates

February 25, 2022 COORDINATOR UPDATE

Please indicate your need for classroom calendars (2022-2023) available in May 2022 by March 9. You can indicate your order on the jot form at Your order for calendars from 2020-2021 (what was used for 2021-2022 ) is found in the form below scan_kdaugherty_2022-02-25-15-09-30Download IF YOU DO NOT ORDER CALENDARS YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE … Continue reading February 25, 2022 COORDINATOR UPDATE

February 8, 2022 Coordinator Training

Zoom Recording at Youtube Powerpoint Presentation february-8-2022-coordinator-meetingDownload Education Director Overview 2022-pork-education-materials-order-formDownload American Farm Bureau Foundation Book Grant National AITC CHS Scholarship Due by 3-1 Bonnie Cabbage Program 3rd Grade National AITC Conference Journey 2050 Illinois Reads 2022 Corn Starch Oobleck iREAD Program Website: NEW IAITC Library … Continue reading February 8, 2022 Coordinator Training

Cheeseburger presentation guide from 2001

cheeseburger-presentation-guideDownload it looks like the folks from Oklahoma have shared this.....Pre "Kevin" item......and I' pretty sure it was a Farm Bureau Women don't know who did it but you have a pattern for now to keep you occupied this winter break...we have a pattern too that is very similar...will look after 1/4 when … Continue reading Cheeseburger presentation guide from 2001

September 21, 2021 Coordinator Meeting

agendaDownload Video Recording will go here......USE PASS CODE vcXW96=3 When you get to the breakout rooms session of the Magic Kits, you will find Poultry then Supply Chain then Environment. Cottage Cheese video link is at the end of this post, and you will find Machines info there as well. 2020.2021-accomplishmentsDownload UIUC Lesson Packet … Continue reading September 21, 2021 Coordinator Meeting