IAITC Recipes

Have students taste the excitement of agriculture and bring these easy, budget friendly recipes into your classroom to pair with our lessons! Apple SmilesDownload Butter in a JarDownload Ice Cream in a BagDownload Microwave Caramel PopcornDownload Pumpkin BreadDownload State Fair Funnel CakesDownload Tortilla in a BagDownload Baked Pumpkin SeedsDownload Homemade BreadDownload Strawberry Ice Cream in … Continue reading IAITC Recipes

Ag-venture Activity Pages

Ag-ventures are one-page activities meant to pair with each individual Ag Mag. We also have an Ag Mag Scavenger Hunt that can can be paired with any of the Ag Mags. Ag Mag Scavenger HuntDownload Ag-Venture With ApplesDownload Ag-Venture With BeefDownload Ag-Venture With CareersDownload Ag-Venture With CornDownload Ag-Venture With DairyDownload Ag-Venture With IL HistoryDownload Ag-Venture … Continue reading Ag-venture Activity Pages