Thanksgiving from the Farm!

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Mashed potatoes

 Green Beans


 Ranch Dressing









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  Stitches and Agriculture

 Heart Valves and Agriculture

 Diabetes and Insulin

 Penicillin and Agriculture

 Eggs and Vaccines

 Aspirin from Bark of Willow Tree

 Chicken Soup


Discussion Questions:

  1.  How do doctors uses agriculture to practice stitches?
  2. What product was streamlined in Illinois at the USDA Ag Research Station in Peoria?
  3. How do eggs play a  role with the flu shot?
  4. What tree helped provide us with Asprin?
  5. What is your favorite comfort food when you are sick?  Explain



World Series

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Cracker Jack

 Jake Arrieta –

 Ben Zobrist


What type of wood are most Louisville Slugger bats made from?  White Ash or Maple





Farm Drainage

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4R Nutrient Stewardship Information


  1. What portion of IL is most likely to be tile drained? (northern 2/3)
  2. What nationality was John Johnston that brought tile drainage to the US? (Scottish)
  3. Name two advantages of tile drained soil (warmer and dryer soil to plant earlier)
  4. In addition to soil, where can you find nitrogen in nature? (the atmosphere)
  5. Name the 4 Rs. (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Place, Right Time)

Check out this new music parody…..”Love Your Nutrients

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A visit to USDA

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Lincoln Establishes

 The People’s Department

 George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

 Jimmy Carter

 Foreign Animal Disease and Interstate Commerce Act/Animal Quarantine

Pure Food and Drug Act

 Extension/Hatch and Smith Lever Acts

USDA Leadership

USDA Budget

 USDA Food and Nutrition Services


  1. What President established the USDA?  (Lincoln)
  2. What President was the last that had direct farm connections? (Carter)
  3. Who is the current Secretary of Agriculture (Vilsack)
  4. What is the largest portion of the budget for USDA currently (Food Security)
  5. How you most closely connected to the USDA (your local extension)


Food Safety

Food Safety

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Illinois Ag in the Classroom Livestock Ag Mag

Illinois Ag in the Classroom Beef Ag Mag

Illinois Ag in the Classroom Pork Ag Mag

Meet Farmers


Food Safety




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Discussion Questions about this video.  Answers below the additional links.

  1. Silo mean ” a pit for storing grain” and comes from which ancient language?
  2. What are key differences between a silo and a bin?
  3. The use of what device replaced use of manual labor?
  4. Buffalo, New York was on which canal?
  5. Typically you find grain elevators near rivers, railroads and highways.  What reasons can you give for this?

Predictions for 2016 Harvest

Difference between a silo and a bin:

The Difference Between Grain Bins and Silos

Elevator History

Illinois Grain Code

Find you local elevator


  1. Greek
  2. Silo–Tall, Skinny, Air Tight  Bin-allows air flow, typically round and silver with wavy corrugated metal
  3. Joseph Dart’s elevator replaced using labor of Irish Americans
  4. Buffalo, New York is on the Erie Canal
  5. Answers will vary, but should include aspects of ease of transportation.



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Harvest Questions and Answers

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Football and Agriculture


Click on the “agriculture and football” link below for a copy of the graphic organizer for this video:


 Pig Skins

Leather in Footballs from IL

 Cotton and Consumers

 Soy based Football Turf!

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Hoopeston Corn Jerkers


Staley Bears

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