Beef -4/8 is what is for dinner, and lunch..... Let's take a field trip to learn more about Beef! K-3 Beef Young Reader     Read Aloud In this story you find Nicky loves Beef Stew.  What is your favorite way to enjoy beef?  Hamburgers, Steak? Beef Stew? Illinois cattle are typically raised … Continue reading Beef -4/8


Learn More about Illinois Pigs and Pork by watching this video: As we head toward Easter, many enjoy a ham for Easter dinner, and that ham comes from Illinois Pork. K-3 Read this story to learn more about pork. Create a “Pig Placemat”Design a placemat for a BBQ restaurant with pork/pig facts. Get out … Continue reading Pork-4/7

Pollinators 4/6

K-3 Start with our Young Reader Enjoy Eric Carle reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Use colored paper, a snack size bag and a pipe cleaner or clothes pin to make your own butterfly. bag-butterflies-1-1Download 4-8 Watch this video about pollinator habitats. Bees communicate to find food sources through a series of 'waggles'. … Continue reading Pollinators 4/6