2022 Get-a-Grant Workshop

Here is the recorded video of today’s workshop!

Fill out the application for the book grant here.

Fill out the application for the project grant here.

Here are the information sheets that highlight the criteria for each grant:

Here are all the lessons discussed in the workshop that pair with the book collections in the book grant:

Click here to contact you County Ag Literacy Coordinator.

Find all of our Ag Mag topics and online interactive versions here.

Below you will find various other resources that were mentioned during the workshop, and more:

  • Where is my milk from website
  • The Ellen Show video clip of Ooblek on YouTube
  • Illinois Eggs in the Classroom video series
  • Bonnie Plants 3rd Grade Cabbage Program website
  • Article on Darlene Arviso, the “Water Lady”
  • Article on the history of the jack-o’-lantern tradition
  • IAITC “Bee School” video series
  • TIME Magazine: What Food Kids Eat Around the World in a Week article
  • Edible Insects website
  • My Plate dietary and nutrition guides website
  • Illinois Monarch Project website
  • Find out how to attract pollinators in your area here
  • IAITC Virtual Farm Tour: Helmig’s Tree Farm video
  • National Ag in the Classroom Store
  • IAITC “Barn at Night” video series on our Facebook page
  • Journey 2050 website
  • IAITC Illinois State History website

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