Scrambled States: South Carolina and South Dakota – 5/11

Welcome back! If you are new this week….we are looking at agriculture in all 50 states! 10 new states this week! If you need a map…see below!

The mixed up order of our lesson comes from this book!


Today we’re talking about two states that are southerners to their northern counterparts! Learn more about South Carolina’s tea farms and South Dakota’s sunflowers below!


The sunflowers of South Dakota would brighten anybody’s day!  Even though South Dakota is not considered the sunflower state, it produces the most sunflowers per year!  In 2019, South Dakota produced over 831 million pounds! 

Our read aloud book today is called “Sunflower House” by Eve Bunting.

Just like all living things, sunflowers have a life cycle!  Show your life cycle skills of by completing this fun activity!

Learn more about South Dakota here! http://Learn more about South Dakota here!


South Carolina is home to the only tea farm in the entire United States! South Carolina provides a great climate for Tea, with around 52 inches of rain every year! The Charleston Tea Plantation has around 127 acres of tea bushes and even though harvest ends in October, you can still visit the plantation year-round and you can even bring your furry friend along!

Take a tour of the only commercial tea farm in the United States!

You’ve probably heard of the Boston Tea Party and how it was anything but a good old fashioned afternoon tea break.  First watch this video that explains the events of the Boston Tea Party.

Ok so they threw a whole bunch of tea in the ocean.  But if tea starts out as a plant, how does the water become tea flavored?  This is from the process of diffusion!  Try this activity to find out how diffusion works!

Learn more about South Carolina here!


Using only 16 popsicle sticks, glue, 6 inches of tape and string/yearn, scissors, and a 2 inch x 2 inch square of wax paper, design and build a crate strong enough to protect your tea bag during the Boston Tea Party! 

Something for Everyone

The Boston Tea Party wasn’t the only wild tea party.  Alice also had an interesting affair with tea.

Assessment and Extended Response


  1. How man pounds of sunflowers did South Dakota produce in 2019? (Over 831 million pounds)
  2. What are the stages of the sunflowers life cycle? (Seed, roots, sprout, baby plant, adult plant, seeds fall)

*What are some of the things we use sunflower seeds for?


  1. How many tea farms are located in the United States? (Only one in South Carolina)

*Explain the Boston Tea Party.  What led up to this event?

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